F1 India - Formula One Grand Prix India

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F1 India - Formula One Grand Prix India

Formula One car race, also called as Formula 1 or F1 and relate as the official FIA Formula One World Championship is the biggest class of one seater car racing sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The "formula" in the power of the name defines to a set of rules that cars of all contestant must meet. F1 race season consists of a series of races, known as Grand Prix, held on proposed circuits and public metallic roads. The results of every race are together be determine two years World Championships, one for drivers and one for constructors, with racing drivers,organizers and circuits must hold 'valid Super Licences, the biggest grade of racing license issued by the FIA.
Welcome to the Ist 2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix car race held at the Airtel INDIATM Buddh International Circuit (BIC)

Formula One, also called as Formula 1 or F1 or Grand Prix is ??a top-notch single-seater racing car sanctions by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). F1 season consists of several races, held in special circuits, and sometimes on the street circuits. The result of each race are combined to determine two annual Formula One, one of the pilots who are required to be holders of valid Super Licence, issued by top-class racing, FIA and one of the manufacturers.

For the first time in India, F1 Car Race is taking place in Jaypee is Buddh International Circuit (BIC), Greater Noida 28 to 30 October 2011.

BIC, with a total capacity of about 110,000 planned meticulously for the mega event and came out with some guidelines to take into account the experience of Formula One mild and pleasant.Single Formula One (F1) car into the dashboard of Greater Noida on the outskirts of Delhi, for the first Grand Prix (GP) in India, logistical nightmare of equipment flying competition of the city, and then remove to a new building Buddh International Circuit.

12 F1 teams, which are all based outside Europe, arriving in private jet, taking anywhere between 100-200 personnel and their equipment. Five Boeing 747-400F aircraft will bring 24 cars racing, two in each group as well as engine parts, chassis, other car parts, tires, racing-specific gadgets, computers and sensitive equipment telemetry, which combines the track staff and drivers for their European headquarters in real time. Over 600 tons of cargo is to be expected soon.

Another 900 tons of cargo support race will be sent in. Approximately 30,000 liters of fuel to high octane will also come by sea in addition to 40,000 liters of diesel supplied by Indian Oil company. The entire shipment is valued at Rs 150 crore more.